So Whats Next?


  • Once your submission is received, it will go through an initial review to make sure all information is filled out correctly and accurately. Once your submission is approved for processing, it will go to our initial review committee.*
  • Our initial review committee will review the idea for its merit, claims, marketability and uniqueness. If patented, they will verify the patent number and validity.
  • Product Criteria: Mindfull Products is a consumer products company. We select products that meet broad based consumer needs. An ideal submission would be the type of product that one could find in the mass market, available to purchase by the average consumer.
  • If we feel your idea does not meet our initial criteria to proceed, we will let you know.
  • If your idea passes our initial evaluation, it will move to Executive Review.

*Mindfull Products will not accept submissions in the following categories: Medical products, Chemical products, Software products, Industrial products, Raw materials, Services, Business ideas, Weapons, or Products that are illegal or that may cause harm.