Sneaky Storage Space-Savers

With our current active search for Kitchen and Storage items, we'd love to get you inspired by a few storage products that already exist we came across on the internet.  These teenage inspired products are as cute as they are functional!

Chair Pockets

Create extra space for your books and school supplies by slipping this cool storage pocket onto the back of your desk chair. From your calculator to your water bottle, it fits it all!

All-Purpose Hanger

No space for your jewelry on your dresser? No problem! Hang—and display—all your pretty jewels on this convenient hanger. Keep it in your closet or display it on a door or towel hook. You'll be inspired to accessorize!

Over-The-Door Hamper

Between your roommate's stuff and yours, space is going to be pretty tight. Don't take up much-needed space with your hamper—hang it over the door instead!

Pastel Command Hooks

Since nailing things into dorm walls is a no-no, use these little hooks instead. They won't leave marks on your walls, can hold up to a ton of weight, and the pastel colors will perfectly match your bedding!

Folding Stool

This tiny stool will come in handy when you're trying to reach something at the very top of your wardrobe—and trust us, since your room will be tiny, you'll need all the storage space you can get!