1. What is Mindfull Products? 

Mindfull Products is a Consumer Products Company dedicated to bringing innovative new products to the marketplace. In order to help inventors and the invention process Mindfull uses its expertise to identify and promote new products through its own channels of distribution or will find suitable licensing partners to achieve the maximum return on our inventors new product ideas.

2. How do I submit my product ideas to Mindfull? 

The process is simple. Fill out our confidential Submission Form and tell us about your product, explain what problem(s) it solves and its unique benefits.  If you have sketches or photos you can attach those as well. Be sure to read our Submission Agreement and our Submission Guide. Then just pay a small fee of $10. It’s that simple.

3. What are Mindfull Products criteria for product selection?

There are several factors to consider when moving forward with a new product submission.  Here are the most important ones:

  • Mindfull Products is first and foremost a consumer products company. We select products that meet broad based consumer needs. The ideal submission would be the type of product that you would imagined is found in the mass market and purchased by the average consumer.
  • The product must be new. Your product should solve a problem or meet a need that isn’t addressed by current products in the market place or should provide a better solution than current products.
  • The product must be unique. If the product is similar to a published patent or a product currently in the market, it will only be considered if the concept offers a dramatic improvement to what already exists.
  • The product must be able to be manufactured. This means that the state of current technology is available to produce it.
  • The product must offer a clear benefit to the consumer at a reasonable cost.

4. Are there product categories Mindfull Products will not consider?

  • Medical products
  • Chemical products
  • Software products
  • Industrial products
  • Raw materials
  • Services
  • Business ideas
  • Weapons
  • Products that are illegal or cause harm


To submit an idea you have to be 18 years old. However, great ideas have no age restrictions so if you under 18 have your parents or legal guardian submit it on your behalf.

6. How much do I get paid if my invention is successful?

In brief, if your product is sold directly by Mindfull Products, Inc you receive five percent (5%) of net sales for 20 years with a minimum guarantee. If licensed to one of our branded manufacturers, fifty percent (50%) of all royalty revenue received by Mindfull Products, Inc. For details see Commercialization Agreement

To ask your own question, please feel free to contact us directly.