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At Mindfull Products we believe great ideas can come from anyone and anywhere. Our mission is to harness the creativity of the masses to find new solution-oriented ideas to bring to market. Our goal is to provide a simple and effective conduit to make innovative ideas a reality. By consistently developing the most inspired and creative ideas, we have built an intimate relationship with our retail and licensing partners. The Mindfull Products website was built for anyone to present their ideas and products for our review. Our teams of experts analyze every submission in search of ideas to invest in, develop, and bring to market.

OUR Executive Staff

Mindfull Product’s was founded by three successful inventors and entrepreneurs with more than 75 years of combined experience in consumer products, design and development, manufacturing, sales and marketing. Together, we have over 15 utility patents and numerous design patents in categories such as toy, craft, kitchen, office, stationery and hardware. We have licensed our patents to several major brands and together we have successfully brought more than 250 million dollars of new products to market. Through the years, we have been approached by many individuals and corporations seeking help in bringing products and ideas to market.  Recognizing a need and demand for a streamlined system to help others bring their idea from concept to retail, Mindfull Products was born.

OUR Design Team

Our design and development team is the core of the Mindfull Products idea factory.  We build, develop, and brand products for ideal positioning in today’s dynamic marketplace. Our multidisciplinary team has over 50 years of collective experience in concept-driven design specializing in consumer products, and has been recognized, awarded, published, and exhibited at MOMA and The National Design Museum. Our team is known primarily for our collaborative, problem-solving approach and forward-thinking design aesthetics.

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